Origins of Ruin: Band History
Origins of Ruin is one of the most original bands to set a new trend for the Bay Area. Founded in 2015 Origins of Ruin has managed to defy genres and blend together numerous ambient progressive rock metal styles and create an original musical trend that is both refreshing and compulsively seductive. Pulling from such musical genres such as rock, alternative and metal Origins of Ruin have managed to create their own musical style that is in their own category.
In 2012, after playing in a multitude of San Jose cover bands, guitarist Rick Epolite sought out to create a new style of music that was original and compelling. Having a deep affection for progressive rock and being a fan of such artists such as Dream Theater and Rush, Rick decided to collaborate with bass player Michael Fine and drummer Aaron Digirolamo. Aaron played drums in death metal band Ragweed and Michael dedicated his bass skills to multiple cover bands such as Luna Fish and Junkyard Dogs. They lent their talents to help Rick create the start of something new. The three friends spent their spare time to write songs based on Rick’s ideas that he’d been working on for the last few years.
In 2013, they had written a half a dozen songs and decided to add a rhythm guitar player to the band. This was the idea to fill the gap so Rick could sing while playing guitar. Though, not comfortable with singing and not satisfied with the sound, he strived to perfect his dream, Rick was determined to find the right male vocalist and keyboardist to fill the void.
In 2014, the new semi established band named themselves Killin’ Kenny and actively performed shows all around San Jose. Still unsuccessful with finding a male vocalist or keyboardist for that matter, the band auditioned several female vocalists so Rick could focus on his lead guitar. Still not satisfied with the sound and the direction of the band, it was later decided to drop the female vocalist idea and resume the exhausting search for male vocalist who would be influenced by progressive metal and the music they created.
In may of 2015, while performing a show at the X Bar with the first Rock Lotto show presented by the San Jose Balanced Breakfast chapter, the search for a male vocalist ended. Vocalist and Keyboard player Stephen Severino who was in ambient rock band The Azura was introduced to the members of Killin Kenny. After a few auditions, Stephen Severino joined the group. Coming from industrial band God Dog and Alternative band The Bane, Stephen Severino added his vocal talent and haunting keys to their music and blended the perfect balance that would realize Rick’s dream. The band was finally complete and for a short time the group was a quintet. After a few weeks, the rhythm guitarist parted with Killin’ Kenny to pursue other musical interest’s. This sudden move had left the band with Rick as the only rhythm and lead guitarist. It was a change leaving him with a refreshing realization that he actually had the band lineup he had been searching for, guitar, bass, drums and a male lead vocalist who added the ambient keyboards to ice the cake. A brand new quartet was reformed and the band name was changed to Origins of Ruin. We have now moved on with a few changes in the lineup. Aaron and Stephen have left and are replaced with the newest members. Derik Z an incredible talented drummer and Count an amazing keyboardist. Our new Lead singer Is Brian Fuller. The new lineup is amazing and the songs are really sounding awesome. Stay tuned! 


Brian Fuller - Lead Vocals
Rick Epolite - Guitars
Michael Fine – Bass 
Derik Z - Drums 
Count - Keyboards And Vocals


Some of the band’s live performances include the following venues:
• The Rock Bar Theater (San Jose)
• Johnny V’s (Downtown San Jose)
• The X Bar (Sunnyvale)
• The Quarter Note (Sunnyvale)
• The Backbar (San Jose)
• R-Place bar (Livermore)

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